A list of our industry bodies:

Sunline Direct Mail is a member of The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and through its Directors holds positions on the DMA Advisory Board, DMA mailing house committee and the DMA North committee helping to form policies and guidelines for the whole of the mailing and direct marketing industry.

Sunline Direct Mail are also Board Members of The Catalogue Exchange and in 2010 directed the exclusive CatEx Postal Service benefitting many of its members with exceptional postal savings regardless of individual volume. This was a true co-operative approach where each member benefitted from the higher volumes of mail processed by Sunline DM and some larger Cat Ex member companies that has been rolled out into 2011 and beyond.

We currently hold membership in the Royal Mail Mailing House scheme (RMMHS) – recently replacing the QMP production standard. Whilst in its infancy this new scheme is helping to ensure that guidelines are more stringently met with performance targets ensuring that the highest quality of mail production is ensured for all of the scheme participants.

Sunline are one of the founder members of the Strategic Mailing Partnership with the Royal Mail in 2010, which is a scheme entered into by Royal Mail and mailing houses who could achieve higher quality production methods ensuring that a standard or benchmark was set for other mailing houses to follow.

Web are also member of the Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) a non profit organisation which helps to develop the relationship between suppliers and customers and builds alliances between trade entities in order to strengthen business relationships and build business.

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