data_imgA properly managed database gives you the marketing knowledge needed to build a successful and profitable relationship with your customers. And it will help you find new customers as well.

But it can’t do the job for you.

The real power of a database lies in its ability to use previous behaviour patterns to show which customers are likely to respond to your future marketing.

And by continually adding data from your marketing campaigns, the database becomes increasingly effective at predicting your future successes

But it requires a lot of work.

Knowledge is power and in marketing, it’s also essential.

You probably know all this, which is why you’re on our webpage. So if you’re looking for someone to manage your data and improve you campaign response rates, let me show you how you will benefit from our services.

Sunline’s Data Management Service: the Benefits


  • More effective and easier to manage marketing campaigns
  • Better understanding of customer behaviour.
  • Higher response rates due to more accurate targeting
  • Lower campaign costs because of reduced wastage
  • Keeping you compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Help and Advice whenever you need it.

To help you get the most from your data, we can:

  • Add new data: from all your marketing campaigns and from other databases.
  • Remove data: that is inaccurate, corrupt or out-of-date
  • Provide accurate, targeted lists:  for your marketing campaigns that will increase their response rate
  • Manage response data: on your behalf. We can add this new data to your database or send it to you in any format required.

Save Money on Your Campaign Costs

Mailing every address in your database wastes your money and it annoys those people who are not the ideal customers for your campaign.

That’s why we’ll help you target the most likely buyers by analysing their previous buying behaviour and predicting which customers are likely to respond to your various offers

What about finding new customers?

The most likely people to become new customers will be those that are similar to your existing customers. We’ll analyse your database to profile your perfect customer and then help you select your most profitable new markets.

Free Report Identifying Your Inaccurate, Corrupt and Out-of-Date Data

Now this is really important. If you’ve not recently had your database thoroughly checked for inaccurate, corrupt or out-of-date data, chances are you’ll be wasting a large percentage of your mailing.

So, we’ve designed a comprehensive report that will explain, in plain English, the problems found in your data.  And we’ll show you how much money they’re losing you every year.

The report will show you:

  • number of duplicate records and how much they are costing you.
  • number of people that that moved or died and how much they are costing you.
  • Number of incomplete or incorrect records and an estimate of how much they are costing you. Because some of these records may still be received by the intended recipient, we estimate your loses based of half of them being delivered.
  • A breakdown of our charges to clean up your database. You’ll be able to see immediately the cost effectiveness of resolving any or all of the problems we have identified.

We call it our Smart Data Report and it really is FREE.

Free Report Revealing the Best and Most Cost Effective Postal Options for Your Business

Not so long ago, you wouldn’t didn’t have to pick a company to deliver your mail. There was only the Royal Mail.

That’s certainly not the case anymore.

And comparing the many new mail companies on price isn’t easy. Their charges depend on the size, quantity, delivery location and pack format of you mailing.

In order to help you reduce your postal costs we have designed a free report to show you the postal option that will deliver the best overall postal option for your business.

Reducing you postal cost would be the smart thing to do so we’ve called it the Smart Post Report.

We’ll need to ask you a few questions first and ideally we’d like to examine a sample file of your mailing list. But this will help you to gain the very best postal rates available for the service you need.

Even changing your pack format to envelope or polywrap can make a significant difference to you postal costs so we’ll consider every detail. Then we’ll write our recommendations in plain English.

And we’ll show you just how much you could save by following our recommendations.

The report is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Why not give us a call now on 01509 263434.

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