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Marketing communications is all about targeting the right people with the right messages at the right time and on the right channels, be it print or digital.

sunline data solutions

By providing relevant and personalised messages, brands can increase the likelihood that consumers will engage with their communications in a meaningful way- either through people giving their products consideration or though outright purchase. In the long run, brands that can personally tailor their offering can enjoy greater levels of loyalty, according to

This is because such encounters with brands are more memorable and so are likely to feature in the awareness set – a collection of products/solutions in the customer’s mind that are recalled whenever the need for purchase arises.

But in order to enjoy these benefits, it is important to leverage data into meaningful insight.

What is data?

Oxford dictionary defines data as the “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis”. Personal details – gender, marital status, address; Type of products purchased; Average value of basket; Frequency of purchase. These are just some of the pieces of information- the facts and statistics- that companies have at their disposal. Behind these data are hidden trends that can expose opportunities where it was felt none existed. It is here where new products are developed, niche markets created and deeper relationships with existing customers forged- a true competitive advantage when leveraged properly and, incredibly, companies are producing more of it than ever before!

Sadly, though, not all companies are extracting the value that this data provides. Lack of senior management buy-in; fear of the unknown. These have been cited as some of the reasons analytics initiatives have not been adopted. It may also take years to gather data, implement the necessary systems to capture, store and equip or recruit staff with the appropriate skills- activities which can prove cost prohibitive, certainly for SMEs.

Sunline Data Solutions

This is where we come in. A recent partnership between Sunline and Apteco Faststats seeks to democratise access to marketing analytics services by removing some of the barriers associated with building an in-house analytics department. Talk to our team of specialists to see how we can help Power Smarter Decisions and unlock your company’s true potential.